Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Promotion & Graduation Policy
Policy provides information on the requirements that must be met by students to be promoted and grade 12 students to graduate.
These requirements include passing major subjects and completion of a project. Supports for students, including an extended day program, will be in place to help students meet the requirements. The TerraNova and End of Grade (EOG) tests will no longer be administered as system-wide assessments.
Other assessments are being administered as needed. This policy will remain in effect until a new policy is issued.

When Can A Child Be Absent?

Sometimes students have to miss school.

“Excused absences” apply under circumstances such as Illness or injury , death/funeral realted absence, education related trips or activities, suspension and religious holidays. A written notice from a parent or guardian must be submitted to the school immediately upon a student’s return to school. Such notice must include a telephone number or other means of contact for verification purposes.

Certification of illness/injury is required if the absence extends for three or more consecutive days. The student /family has three days from the dateof the absence to provide documentation to the schoolfor an excused absence. After the third day, the school principal or designeehas the discretionto approve or deny the note.

An “unexcused or illegal absence” occurs when a student is absent without a valid excuse in writing. This means that either no written notice was submitted to the school upon the student’s return or the reason provided in the notice was deemed invalid. Examples of invalid excuses include, but are not limited to, babysitting, waking up late or being on a vacation with family.

Cell Phone / Electronic Device Policy

If a student brings a beeper, cell phone, or electronic device to school and it is observed in use during school hours, the device will be confiscated and returned only to the parent or guardian of the student. However, upon a second violation or if the device is used during the commission of a crime the school will confiscate the device and it will not be returned. The principal may donate the item to charity or sell items with proceeds going to a school use.




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